Malcolm Rogers

SCARBOROUGH, MAINE – Harmon's Market is proud to present the second one-person show of Dr. Malcolm Rogers, entitled Artistry in Wood Unleashed: Collage, Furniture, Sculpture & Watercolor.

Through these exquisitely crafted and often colorful works, Rogers simultaneously makes very personal and public objects. The relationships between this polarity and others charge the work with meaning and draw the viewers into realizing tender moments of their own.

About his work, the the artist wrote: "I have had a long interest in painting water colors and for the past 30 years in woodworking. Moving to Maine allowed me to create a well-equipped workshop. Most of the furniture I have built is inspired by shaker style, found objects and nature. Over the last several years I have focused more on combining woodworking and painting in the form of wood collages."

The exhibition will be on view from August 2 through September 9, 2023. There will be a Preview on Tuesday August 1 from 11 to 6, and an Opening and Reception for the artist on Wednesday August 2 from 5 to 7 PM.  

For more information and images, please contact the gallery: (207) 883-1085 or