We are delighted to announce that Harmon’s Market, the former fish market and general store, founded in 1930, reopened in 2017 as a contemporary art gallery. Harmon's has provided goods and services to the community of Prouts Neck and its visitors, now, for 90 years.


The director of the gallery, Marvin Gates, spent his boyhood summers at Prouts Neck. His grandfather owned the Ark, Winslow Homer's family's house. In 2013, after an absence of almost 50 years, he returned with his wife, Debbie, for a family wedding. The iconic Harmon's Market--having been renamed White Caps--was for sale! It was a wreck. They bought, razed and rebuilt it new, with an attached small cottage.


Gates grew up in the contemporary art gallery business. His family's first gallery opened in 1970. And, Gates is an artist, too.


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    423 Black Point Road Scarborough ME 04074
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    PO Box 111 Scarborough ME 04070


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